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Why Choose Us

Austwide Homes understands how important the home is to your family, that's why we have an in-house architectural designer - ready to customise a plan to suit your every need! Come in and see us today to discuss your next family home. 


Visit our home and talk to one of our home/design consultants and discuss your needs.



Choose your plan, or our designer will provide you with a custom design suited to your needs. All our plans can be modified or upgraded to suit you and your family. 


Your home is constructed here in our yard, and delivered to your site. 

Frequently asked questions

What does your service include?

Our homes come completely wired up, plumbed up, painted and finished to our high quality standards – ready for your services to be connected into on-site.

At Austwide Homes, we believe in complete transparency and looking after the client. All of our inclusions and exclusions are provided clearly in our inclusions pages

We are always happy to help with arranging quotes for on-site connections, flooring and blinds where we can (usually within our local area), If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to call us at any time.

What deposit is required on your homes?

We only ask a 5% deposit on our homes, meaning you could start building for as little as $3000 (based on a $60,000 home). We don’t require any progress payments, and only ask for the final payment to be made on delivery to the home on-site.

What if I want to upgrade my finishes?

We have recently added our ‘Premium Inclusions Package’, which allows customers to have a prestige home, with high quality finishes, at a package price. This can be added to any of our homes, ask our friendly staff for a quote today!

What areas do you deliver to?

South-West NSW, South Coast, Northern Victoria – and most areas within South Eastern Australia. We are always happy to assist if we can, but for logistics reasons – there are some areas we simply can’t access or the transport costs would be uneconomical. We are always happy to help if we can.

What if I want to change something/modify your designs?

Austwide Homes offers an in-house architectural design and consultation service. We are more than happy to rework our existing designs to better suit your needs, or customise something new to your needs. As long as we fall within the constraints of transportable home modules, the options are endless! This can include façade/roof changes, as well as floor plan changes and modifications.

Where do you build Brick Veneer homes?

We have a wide range of homes available for sale throughout Wagga Wagga area. 

Alternatively, if you wanted one of our quality homes outside of Wagga Wagga, we are also able to prepare any of our transportable homes to be delivered within our service area, for your bricklayer to form up around on-site at a later date.  

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